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union j demi lovato and youtubers that is all

"Aim for stars even if the dogs are gonna bark"


I think you still love me, but we can’t escape the fact that I’m not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I’m not blaming you for falling in love with another woman. I’m not angry, either. I should be, but I’m not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong.

Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun.  (via wordsnquotes)     



when you are doing a group activity in class and your teacher puts the smart kid in your group


When you are doing a group activity in class and you’re the smart kid.


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I PLAY GUITAR BUT HE’S INTO really pretty girls and not into me oh

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some drag queens are a much better influence in young girls than some teen queen pop stars out there.

this was beautiful as shit.

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